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e2 visa

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what is an e2 Visa?

Is a Non-immigrant visa for people who want to invest money in businesses in the United States. Is for foreign nationals whose home countries offer the same type of visa to United States Citizens.

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the process

To obtain an E2 Visa, you must submit your documents to the U.S. embassy or consulate that has jurisdiction over your current country of residence.

Some of the documents needed are:

  • Photograph
  • Passport
  • Online Visa Application
  • Non-immigrant treaty trader/treaty investor application.


In order to qualify for an E2 visa, the applicant must:

  • Come from a country which offers the same benefits to United States citizens
  • Be able to invest a substantial amount of capital. It must be enough to ensure the successful operation of the enterprise. For a low cost business enterprise, the percentage of investment must be higher than the percentage of investment in a higher cost enterprise.
  • The enterprise must be real and in operation. If the investment is speculative or idle, it will not qualify. Funds that are uncommitted, sitting in a bank account or security do not qualify as investments. 
  • Loans are not permitted. The investor must be in complete control of the funds. The investment must be at risk commercially. 
  • If the applicant is not the investor, he or she must work as an executive or supervisor or provide a highly specialized skill. Ordinary skilled and unskilled workers will not qualify.