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We love dogs. It’s a joy and privilege to own one. However, the fact remains that dogs are still animals, and we may never fully understand why some dogs attack.

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Dog Bites Attorney in Phoenix, Arizona

Liability laws for dog owners differ from one state to another. Some states impose strict liability law on dog owners whose pets are involved in a dog bite accident. Other states impose a more lenient liability law, known as the “One Free Bite” rule.

“One Free Bite” Rule
A dog owner is only held liable if their dog has bitten before or the owner knows of his dog’s aggressive tendencies. Under this rule, the owner gets a free pass the first time their dog bites.

Strict Liability Law
Dogs do not get “one free bite.” The owner will be held liable for injuries caused by their dog, regardless of if the dog has bitten no one before or has shown no aggressive behavior towards a human being in the past.