245i, an opportunity for immigrants

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The 245i is a law opened by the United States Congress some years ago, specifically, to give immigrants an opportunity to get residence or a Green Card.

According to the Visa Bulletin, if you made an application under the law 245i, before April 30, 2001, this has been updated and has priority.

As a result, increasing your possibility to become a permanent resident of the United States.

Get the help you need for your adjustment of status

Who is protected by the 245i?

Probably, you have a receipt for the application you made, so that is a good moment to move on to the legal process.

However, If you don’t know if you have been requested by a relative, it is recommended to talk with your family, because in some cases the immigrants don’t know if they were requested by the 245i.

Likewise, if you are sure you have been requested, but you lost your receipt, you can use a photocopy.

Moreover, a photocopy doesn’t exist. You can ask for help from a lawyer, to make a request through the FOIA law to get our migration file, so that you can get a photocopy for your 245i request.

Nevertheless, if the person who request you died, it doesn’t matter, accordingly you can continue with the legal process, as long as you fulfill the next requirements:

  • The request was made before April 30, 2001.
  • The person requested was physically present in the United States after December 2000.
  • Prove to immigration services your request has been approved or has high odds to be approved.
  • Don’t have a criminal record.
  • Don’t have penalties by the Immigration department.
  • Have not been previously deported 

We can lead you on the path to a lawful permanent residence.

Do I need an immigration lawyer to request an Adjustment of Status?

Likewise, each case needs to fulfill two forms, one to adjust status and equally important, the other to pay the penalty fee. 

Thus, it is advisable to request the service from an immigration lawyer, because the legal process can be long and cumbersome, above all, if you are planning to add another relative to the process.

However, there is something positive about this new update, you can make the full process inside the United States, besides, it isn’t necessary to travel to Ciudad Juárez.

In fact, you can be eligible to get a work permit, provided by the migration department.

Every case is different, usually, it takes from 8 to 11 months to get results from the law 245i. But in some jurisdictions, it can be lengthened to 25 months.

Moreover, adjustment of status is one of the special fields we have in Somos Abogados, in particular, giving someone the opportunity to be a permanent resident of the United States is our priority.

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